Patient Reviews

Everyone was really nice, polite and very professional…Mahalo!

GALEN R M. | Dec 08, 2023
I have been seeing Dr Fiore for 30 years and trust her implicitly. She is careful, kind, thoughtful and very knowledgeable. The staff is always professional and responsive.

JENNIFER M. | Dec 06, 2023
Such a great place and nice doctor and And staff

ALBERTA D. | Dec 02, 2023
Penny is the best-very thorough and professional

CHARLES B. | Dec 01, 2023
Always a pleasant experience seeing the doctor and staff. Highly recommend

JOSE S. | Nov 29, 2023
she is professional, and friendly

KAYE L. | Nov 23, 2023
Penny is so kind, patient and made our family feel so at ease and comfortable. She is so personable. We are so lucky to be her patient. The office is always so accommodating and make us feel like family.

MILES K. | Nov 22, 2023
Top quality all the way

DIANE CHRISTINE L. | Nov 20, 2023
Excellent experience with both diagnosis and treatment and thoughtfulness toward patients

MARK P D. | Nov 18, 2023
Excellent care

JOYCE B D. | Nov 18, 2023
Personable, friendly, and professional staff. Reema is patient and knowledgeable as well as generous with her time when I have questions.

ERIKA D O. | Nov 17, 2023
Friendly, professional

SANDRA T. | Nov 17, 2023
"Exceeded all expectations and highly recommend! Personable, professional, and highly knowledgeable."
Jeffrey T.
"If you care about your skin health and are looking for great advice and treatment, Reema will take care of you."
Nino I.
"So happy with the service and experience at my appointment. From the receptionist, to the assistant to the PA Reema, all made my experience very nice and professional."
Drea M.
"Dr. Fiore is the dermatologist all doctors go see. You may have to wait six months to see her, but if you want the best that is the price to pay."
Ari S.
"I was able to find Dr. Reema Patel. She is extremely attentive to your needs and NEVER tries to push unnecessary products to get you spend more money."
N N.